Thursday, April 27, 2006

Cough it up

The editor over at Cough the Lot recently put in a post complaining about the lack of action over a local drunk he has had to arrest a number of times recently. He comments on how this particular 'gentleman' has breached his bail conditions 15 times, and yet every time he is only released with the same conditions again.

The editors says "I am ignorant of the ways of the court but would somebody please explain to me how this lunatic can regularly break the law on a weekly, sometimes daily basis and still be allowed free?"

Well, I would have replied on the site, in the comments, but theres some silly system meaning I'd have to register somewhere and then log in first, so I couldn;t be bothered with that ;)

The answers a simple one. People who have absolutely no regard for the law, justice or (more importantly) prison cannot be dealt with by our systems. The worst penalty we can impose is prison. If this is something which you have absolutely no regard for, treating prison in the way the honest member of public may treat going to work, theres nothing our justice system can ever do to stop you. This is noticed, recognised and so eventually the justice system gives up, as why bother filling the prisons with people like this? Please don't bring up the sensible reason of 'protecting the public', it'll only be swept under the carpet.

The message the courts seem to send out to me is "Oh, sod it. Prison doesn't work on you because you don't care about it, just ignore him and lets move on. He'll only be back tomorrow anyway, let the magistrates tomorrow deal with him."


At 9:28 pm, Anonymous Spartacus said...

Better than that mate - when you get a prize drinker like this one, my cog in the wheels of Justice is to apply for an ASBO.

In a case like this I'd probably asked that he's banned from being drunk in public, not to enter the town centre pubs, not to carry open containers of alcohol, not to consume alcohol in public.

You get the drift - he offends when drunk, so ban him from going out drinking, or he gets locked up as soon as he has his first sip of Moet and before he starts wandering the streets with his old man out, frightening the ladies.

Why do I then get looked at as if I have suggested to the Courts we all strip to our pants and vests and play Twister, and get such insightful comments such as "but that means he won't be able to go into a pub for a drink".

Here's one which is even higher up on the Seethometer though. This is a true story. Nonpayment of fines; you don't pay for your tram tickets ever, and eventually you get caught a few times, but you never make any attempt to pay any of your fines, which eventually amass to over £1300.

When the bobbies do actually lock you up for the warrant, you plead poverty and the Bench says (wait for it)

"One day's Court House Imprisonment. You will not leave the confines of this Court till 4 o'clock"

This is not a rare occurrence by any means.

Using this fine precedent (haha) I plan to write to Barclaycard and inform them I will be spending 3 days sat in their lobby paying off my credit card debt.

At 6:50 pm, Anonymous guv said...

A Non Mouse,

For the future, I have enabled my blog to allow readers to comment on posts without having to register first.

PS. The 'gentleman' in question finally got nicked again this week by another shift after he assaulted a WPC, I'll find out what the courts said soon.


At 1:42 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We could create a penal colony on the moon? Shame we can't use Australia any more..

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